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Winter Safety Kits
Are You Prepared for the Next Severe Winter Storm?

Be sure you have your 72 hour emergency kit ready at home, school or work. The kit should include

  • water and non-perishable foods for each person
  • an AM/FM weather radio
  • flashlights with extra batteries and bulbs
  • vital medications
  • sleeping bags
  • blankets
  • clothing
Click here for more information on 72 Hour Emergency Kits.

In addition to having your emergency supplies on hand, inspect your roof, windows and grounds each year. Make sure your trees are healthy and trimmed and that your home, school or business is structurally sound. These precautions will help you be ready for the next big blow to come our way.

Prepare for power outages. The current utilization of above ground utility lines increases our vulnerability to widespread utility outages during these weather events. When electrical lines are damaged, other utilities such as telephone systems (cell and land lines), natural gas, water and sewer systems can also become inoperable.

Prepare a family disaster plan for home, school, and work as well as getting stuck in your vehicle. People in transit are considered the most vulnerable group during a severe winter storm since mobility is often rapidly reduced trapping people in their vehicles without emergency survival resources. Even a small accumulation of snow can wreak havoc on transportation systems due to a lack of snow clearing equipment and experienced drivers. Staying home when such events are forecast is typically the wisest course of action.

Winter Safety for Your Vehicle
A well equipped vehicle has

  • adequate tires
  • tire chains
  • tow ropes
  • sand or cat litter for traction
  • shovel
  • tool kit
  • windshield scraper and brush
  • battery cables
  • first aid kit
  • flashlight with extra batteries and bulb
  • blankets or sleeping bags
  • extra clothing
  • candles
  • waterproof matches
  • high calorie packaged food for quick energy
  • an empty can to melt snow for drinking.

A valuable companion when heading out this winter is a battery operated NOAA weather radio – the voice of the National Weather Service. It will provide you with the latest weather conditions and forecasts. You can purchase these radios at your local electronics or department store as well as on the internet.

    Adapted from official statements of the National Weather Service Staff
    as well as local and state Emergency Management officials.


NEW! PEP-C has recently acquired from NOAA:

  • AC/DC Alert Radios for 24 hour weather forecasts and other emergency alerts (such as severe weather warnings, floods, earthquakes, radiation leaks and other local hazards).
  • We have 2 models available for sale at $35 and $60.

For more information, or to purchase, please contact
Don Lee (253-851-3567)
Dave Watson (253-857-7048)