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Technological Hazards
Technological Hazards
Technological hazards to which residents of the Puget Sound region in Washington state are subject include civil unrest, dam failures, power outages, food or water contamination, chemical spills, radiation, terrorism and transportation accidents. While the risk level for some of these hazards is currently relatively low, the Puget Sound region is nonetheless vulnerable to all of these potential hazards.

Looting, fires, violence, property damage or destruction, injury, loss of life, economic losses, the disruption of transportation, communication, power, information and banking systems, restricted medical care, illness, epidemics, short term or long term evacuations, and immobilization of fire, medical and law enforcement personnel or facilities are all potential effects from these technological hazards.

Because the effects of these technological hazards can quickly overwhelm city and county resources in an emergency situation, residents should make personal and family preparedness a priority in their lives. Family plans should be developed, and disaster or evacuation kits should be stowed in homes, workplaces, schools and cars. Every family member should be capable of executing emergency survival procedures including shutting off the household utilities.

The links in the navigation bar (to the left) provide residents with general information regarding each of these technological hazards as well as specific information regarding our vulnerability to these hazards and their effects upon us as families and communities. This information is provided to enable families and individuals to prepare family disaster plans that address the hazards to which they are most subject.