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Lives were saved, people rescued, crimes reported (like looting) thanks to Social Media used on cell phones during Superstorm Sandy.  Use of cell phones and social media made many, many rescues possible by tweeting and posting on Facebook and Twitter.  911 lines were completely unavailable due to incredibly high call volumes while many public rescue services monitored Social Media and responded by dispatching help to the many requests.  Our eyes are now open to what an invaluable tool our cell phones are in an emergency.

Get on your computer and sign up for Twitter and Facebook.  'Like (Facebook)' or 'Follow(Twitter)' local and regional rescue services..  Then download the Apps to your cell phone and you are ready.  It is best to have all this in place BEFORE an emergency or disaster.



Like or Follow: local law enforcement, Red Cross, Fire, FEMA (WA is Region 10), etc.

A phone charger and solar phone charger would be good additions to your bug out bag!