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Food Rotation Planner

There are many ways to track the rotation of your emergency food and water supplies as well as your long term food supplies. The forms listed below are just one method. As you try different methods, you will find or develop the method that works best for you and your family. Once you have found that method, use it consistently.

To use these planners, print them out and store them in your Family Disaster Plan Notebook for handy reference. You will need the Shelf Life Chart that is listed below. As you purchase food supplies, date them and then enter them on the planner that corresponds to their shelf life. Make a note of when the item needs to be rotated, or used, and enter the storage location of the item.

You will need to review these planners on a monthly basis and look for those items that need to be used and rotated. Be sure you replace these items with new products and begin the rotation cycle all over.


Shelf Life Chart.doc

6 to 12 Month Rotation Planner.doc

5 to 10 Year Rotation Planner.doc

18 to 24 Month Rotation Planner.doc

10 to 20 Year Rotation Planner.doc