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Family Disaster Response Plan
When an earthquake occurs, activate the following Family Response Plan:
  • Get to a safe place in the room. Safe places include:
    • Under a sturdy table or desk
    • Braced in an interior corner
    • Braced in a framed, door-less entryway (swinging doors can smash fingers)
  • Make sure your head is not the high point in the room. Cover your head and neck. Close your eyes - you'll do better psychologically if you don't watch, and you'll protect your eyes.
  • Hold on - in case the thing you're under moves.
When the Shaking Stops
  • GET DRESSED. Resist the instinct to run. Before you leave the room, make sure you are dressed. Dress for safety:
    • Long pants
    • Long sleeved shirt
    • Sturdy soled shoes
    • Leather gloves
    • Hard hat (or bicycle helmet)
    • Jacket
  • Grab your Bed Bag or Bug-Out Bag and head for your family's reunion point (a safe location just outside your home where you all meet to count heads).
  • If you are trapped or hurt, get out your whistle and flashlight (stored in your hard hat under your bed or in you Bed Bag with your hard hat). Blow the whistle and signal with your flashlight to make it easier for someone to find you.
  • At the Family Reunion Point, count heads, treat injuries, then assess your home for damage.
  • If you find that your house is damaged or is otherwise unsafe (broken gas lines or broken glass), activate your Family Response Plan teams, activate your Neighborhood Disaster Response Plan, or both.
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