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Residential Sprinklers

Fire sprinklers have been used to protect commercial buildings for more than 100 years. More recently, a new type of sprinkler system has been developed for residences that offers an unprecedented level of fire safety for both lives and property.

Sprinklers are affordable and can increase property value and lower insurance rates. New technology will allow sprinklers to be connected directly to your standard home plumbing system. Individual sprinkler heads are only activted where fire strikes. Consider a home sprinkler system whenever renovating, buying or building a house. Contact your local fire department if you need more information.

How much do residential sprinklers cost?
  • The cost of a sprinkler system is about $1.50 per square foot in a hew home. For a 1000 square foot home this would be $1500.
  • The cost of a sprinkler system in an existing home ranges from $2.50 to $5 per square foot depending on how difficult it is to run the pipes. This assumes the availability of adequate and reliable water supply.
How do residential sprinklers differ from commercial sprinklers?
  • The sprinklers that you find in hotels, offices and other commercial buildings are there primarily to protect property and to protect people who are not in the immediate vicinity of the fire's point of origin.
  • These sprinklers use larger quantities of water because fires in these types of buildings can involve large fuel loads.
  • Residential sprinkler systems use a fast acting element to allow the sprinkler to activate when the fire is still in its very early stages of developement.
  • No matter what type of building sprinklers are in, inadvertent operation of the sprinkler system is extremely unlikely.
  • Smaller fuel loads coupled with activation when the fire is smaller allow residential sprinklers to require much less water, so much so that the typical home's domestic water supply is usually sufficient.
Why are sprinklers so powerful?
  • As soon as it activates, the sprinkler sprays water onthe burning object and puts out or controls the fire.
  • The sprinkler system not only stops the growth of the fire, it also acts directly onthe potentially deadly effect of the fire, for example, by lowering the air temperature.
What about water damage?
  • Unlike fires you often see on TV and in the movies, in a real fire, only one or two sprinklers near a fire activate and discharge water.
  • Residential sprinklers discharge water at a low rate, so your home will not be flooded.
  • After the fire is out, the supply valve can be simply shut off - but never do this yourself. Always call the fire department and let the professionals determine when it is safe to shut off the water.
Do you need smoke detectors too?
  • YES!
  • The combinationof smoke detectors and sprinklers in your home greatly increase your chances of surviving a fire.
  • Smoke detectors will tend to react first, prividing extra time to escape.
  • In some fires, sufficient smoke can be released to impair judgment or even threaten persons with pre-existing medical problems before enough heat is released to set off the sprinkler system.
  • Smoke detectors provide early warning of fires that may start out of range of the sprinklers, such as within a wall space.
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