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Fire Safety
E-Prep Program: Month #8

Be smart when it comes to fire! If a fire starts in your home that is too big for you to handle, get out of the house immediately. Don't stop to get anything or do anything. Once you are outside, stay there. Intense heat and toxic fumes can kill you in seconds.

This month's E-Prep Activities:

  • The E-Prep activities for month #1 included selecting a family reunion point outside your home in case you need to evacuate your home after an earthquake or during a fire. You also drew the floor plan of your home, identified safe spots, danger spots and exit routes. Review these things with your family this month and make sure everyone knows at least 2 ways to exit each room in the house and where to meet outside.
  • Calendar a fire drill this month and another one 6 months from now. During one of these fire drills, give everyone a blindfold and practice crawling your exit routes to simulate getting out of a smoke-filled house.
  • If you don't have any fire extinguishers in your home, get some this month. You should have one in the kitchen, one in the garage one on every level if your home has multiple floors. A:B:C extinguishers are recommended:

    • "A" fires - ordinary combustibles such as wood, paper, cloth and many plastics.
    • "B" fires - flammable liquids such as gasoline, paints, kitchen grease, and oils.
    • "C" fires - electrical equipment, such as fires in wiring, motors and appliances.

  • Locate your fire extinguishers with care. Ready access to them is critical. Fire moves quickly - quick access to your extinguishers can be the difference between putting a small fire out or suffering much damage.
  • Calendar a day this time next year to check your extinguishers to ensure they are properly charged.
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