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Members of the Peninsula Amateur Radio Emergency Team test their readiness to serve as a community lifeline in case of an emergency at the 2002 Field Day

Telecommunications systems can only be as reliable as the ground that holds their fibers and facilities. Phone lines work great (for talking, faxing and emailing) but they're vulnerable given the advent of a major disaster such as an earthquake or volcanic eruption. That's when HAMs, such as Mark Yordy, spring into action.

Tents, food, portable HAM radio equipment, and batteries are all that PARET needs to establish a communications headquarters to adequately serve local emergency response teams if the telecommunications system fails. PARET can not only open critical verbal communication links, but can also transmit computer data via radio waves in much the same way as a modem but over a somewhat less encumbered route.

The Emergency Operations Center at Pierce County's Fire District 5 Headquarters (on Bujacich Drive in Gig Harbor) has a self contained HAM radio communications station that is manned by club members during drills as well as a variety of emergency situations. Pierce County residents are fortunate to have a strong network of trained communicators that work closely and regularly with local authorities.

PARET Participates in International Test

On June 22-23, 2002, PARET was set up at Volunteer Park to test their readiness to serve as a community lifeline. During this annual international amateur radio operator's emergency field day, about 20 club members communicated with nearly 3000 similar outposts throughout North and South America.

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