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The Neihborhood Action Team is the Homeland Security / Crime Prevention component of PC-NET.

While communities may be gearing up for a disaster, the ongoing problem in many communities is crime, the threat of crime, and / or the lack of crime prevention knowledge. Certainly, September 11 has taught us we need to be alert to and aware of what is going on around us!

We can be part of the solution by simply knowing what is happening and what to do with that information. Not long ago in Washington state, another terrorist cell was broken up because citizens knew what they were seeing was not normal for their community. They also knew what to do with that information!

Just like the other teams, NAT members are your neighbors.

  • Some members learn about crime prevention from the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, and in turn relay this information to their neighbors through scheduled training sessions.
  • Some members learn to protect their neighborhood, their homes, and their family.
  • Some learn how to collect information and relay that information in a useful format to the Sheriff’s Department.

In this way, NAT puts more eyes and ears in the community, each aware of what to look for and what to do with the information. The level of YOUR involvement is up to you. There is a place for everyone at NAT!

As of December 2004, Pierce County, Washington has 127 active PC-NET and NAT neighborhoods. More than 1,500 citizens have been through some level of emergency and/or crime prevention training with our program. We want to reach even more. Please help us by spreading the word to friends and family.
For NET information call 253-798-6595
For NAT (Crime Prevention) contact Judi Holley at 253-798-3624