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Effective Leadership
While a family council can be effectively used to formulate plans of action, the leader (typically the head of the house) must come to the family council with a sense of vision. This vision does not need to include every detail of what family members need to do, but it is necessary to know the end result (objective) and what you want to have happen (goals). When the leader provides a clear and overpowering sense of vision, almost universally, family members become motivated because they feel a sense of purpose and that they are part of a greater cause. This focus builds a strong team spirit and improves family relationships. Effective Leadership...
  • An effective leader allows for different ideas to be heard and discussed. Family council meetings should allot time for discussion and consideration of differing points of view as well as ideas and solutions.
  • An effective leader respects individual choices and decisions. Free and open expression coupled with visionary leadership generally encourages good decision making. Effective leadership is never an exercise of compulsion or a study in domination.
  • An effective leader gives clear, precise expectations and instructions and then lets family members decide how best to accomplish the details.
  • An effective leader has a full vision of what needs to happen but takes family members through the process of accomplishment one step at a time and provides plenty of opportunity for reporting, counseling together and feedback.
  • An effective leader delegates significant responsibilities. No one likes to be a "go-pher" for someone else. Family members who are given significant responsibilities are empowered and prepared to be future leaders in their own families.
  • An effective leader provides assistance and advice when it is requested and gives encouragement abundantly.
  • An effective leader sets an example of hard work. Miracles seem to follow leaders who are motivated by a keen feeling of loving devotion to their family members and are willing to work with them side by side.
  • An effective leader promotes accountability, not guilt. Accountability means accepting the praise for a job well done as well as the blame for a failure. BUT with the blame for a failure, comes a responsibility to find a working solution for the problem that caused the failure and a resolve to move forward.
Effective leaders are focused on people, not programs. They are more concerned for the growth, development, and success of family members in their individual responsibilities than in the perfect execution of program procedures. For more information on teaching leadership skills to young family members, click on the link below.
Teaching Leadership Skills
Teaching Leaderships Skills to Family Members