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There is a 70% chance that you and your family will be at home during the next earthquake. You have a choice as to how well your home will perform.
Home Hazard Hunt E-Prep Program:
Month #3

Earthquake deaths, injuries, and property damage are usually caused by falling and moving objects. Destruction of property is mostly caused by partial building collapse, flying glass, overturned bookcases, furniture, and appliances, and by fires from broken chimneys, broken gas lines, and downed electrical lines.

Much of this destruction can be prevented by doing a little detective work and preventive maintenance. This month, in our E-Prep Program, you will focus on conducting a Home Hazard Hunt to identify the potentially life threatening hazards in your home. Taking action to correct, or mitigate, for these hazards will be the focus of several succeeding month's E-Prep activities.

E-Prep Activities for this Month:

  • Click on the Hazard Hunt link below to open a folder containing a Hazard Hunt Checklist and Hazard Hunt Action List. Print both forms and add them to your Family Disaster Plan notebook for handy reference.
  • Calendar a morning or afternoon to meet together as a family and conduct your Home Hazard Hunt together.
  • When you meet, go through your home, room by room, and identify all possible interior hazards (items 1-7 on the Checklist).
  • Then inspect your home for utility and structural hazards (items 8-10 on the Checklist). If you do not feel comfortable or qualified in completing the structural inspection, please contact a qualified earthquake engineer to check your house and surrounding area to see if any hazards exist.
  • Record what you find on your Home Hazard Hunt Action List. Keep this information in your Family Disaster Plan notebook for the time being. You will mitigate for these hazards in upcoming months.
  • Calendar another Home Hazard Hunt one year from now. It is a good idea to inspect your home once each year to find and correct potential fire and safety hazards.
Also, this month is a good time to evaluate your earthquake insurance policy if you have one. Or, if you don't have one, you might consider the pros and cons of such a policy. Follow the link below for more information.
Hazard Hunt Home
Hazard Hunt Checklists
The Pros and Cons of Earthquake Insurance