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Family First Aid Coordinator
The Family First Aid Coordinator is responsible for designating a first aid station both inside and outside your home, providing basic physical and psychological first aid care to family members who need it and identifying family members with serious or life threatening injuries following a major disaster.

Before A Disaster...

  • Complete an American Red Cross Standard First Aid Course.
  • Identify two locations that could be used as a first aid station following a major disaster. Establish one location inside your home and another in a safe place outside your home.
  • Identify those family members who have special medical needs. Mitigage for those needs (this includes acquiring prescription medications that can be stored with the family's emergency supplies or extra supplies for elderly or handicapped family members).
  • Become familiar with the concepts of psychological first aid (see link below).
  • Complete an Emergency Mecial Information sheet for each family member and store these in your Family Disaster Notebook. Keep the information current.
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