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The Chain of Responsibility in Emergencies

With all the finger pointing in the aftermath of Katrina, we thought it might be a good idea to point out the chain of responsibility in emergencies.


Yep, YO-YO. 

You're On Your Own

This is why emergency managers keep telling us they won't be there and that we are to plan to be self-sufficient for AT LEAST the first 3 days. 

Did you notice that it was 3 or 4 days before ANY help arrived in the gulf? And some people were very upset about that.

So, just so you know, here is the deal:

1. You are responsible for yourself and your family.

2. Within your neighborhood, you should check on each other and offer aid. Hopefully, you have a neighborhood organized for this purpose. 

3. Next, your neighborhood should report in to the local first responders and emergency operations center as to your status and needs.
Local first responders will attempt to respond to life and death emergencies if you can get word to them.

4. The MAYOR and local emergency managers implement their disaster plan.

5. The Local Emergency Operations Center, in communication with county and state emergency operations will evaluate the status of the area (according to the reports you have sent in) and make plans to allocate resources. 

Resources are allocated according to the greatest need, concentration of people, and business centers. 

  • A school full of kids is a priority. 
  • A mall full of shoppers is a priority. 
  • A business center is important for the community in supplies and jobs. 

Sorry, but your house is way down on the list. Life trumps property.

6. County and state emergency responders will begin response. 

7. Governor declares state of emergency if asked. This will clear the way for federal help and money.

8. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) makes plan to aid area in response to governor's request.

9. FEMA responds.

Note: FEMA, Federal Troops and other outside agencies CANNOT come into an area unless requested by that state.

The president is not going to land Marine One in your backyard to bring you water. YOU bring you water. You did notice, didn't you, that clean water is the one most essential item everywhere???

There you have it. 


Prepared by JoAnne Gray for PEP-C Pointers
22 September 2005